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Ecomm Forum

Minneapolis, MN
“The best damn conference on planet earth, probably.”
— Somebody, most likely.

What's it all about?

For the sixth year running, Ecomm Forum is back (and completely online!). It’s an exploration of the world of ecommerce best practices, new technology, trends, and applicable information. Join us and our host of speakers, panelists, and sponsors as we dig into how your website can drive your business forward. It’s the best damn ecommerce show out there (or at least the most fun).


  • Jaime Taets

    Jaime Taets

  • Shannon Kelly

    Shannon Kelly

    Manager – Channel Marketing
  • Sabrina Denson Jones

    Sabrina Denson Jones

    Owner & President
  • Quentin Montalto

    Quentin Montalto

  • Mohamed Malim

    Mohamed Malim

  • Rachel Clark

    Rachel Clark

    Partner Manager
  • Krish Iyer

    Krish Iyer

    Head of Industry Relations and Strategic Partnerships
  • Greg Portnoy

    Greg Portnoy

    Vice President of Agency Partnerships
  • Greta Brooks

    Greta Brooks

    Ecommerce Manager
  • Tim Murphy

    Tim Murphy

  • Sara Arthrell

    Sara Arthrell

    Global Director of Product Marketing
  • Lorne Streiff

    Lorne Streiff

    Marketing Director
  • Pat Toothaker

    Pat Toothaker

    Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • Kelly Ferris

    Kelly Ferris

    Director of Sales


2:00 - 2:10 P


Darin Lynch
2:15 - 2:40 P

Opening Keynote

Jaime Taets
2:40 - 2:55 P

Industry Spotlight - Vertex, Inc.

Shannon Kelly
2:55 - 3:40 P

Industry Panel

Kelly Ferris, Greg Portnoy, Krish Iyer, Sara Arthrell
3:40 - 4:00 P

Entrepreneur Spotlight

Mohamed Malim and Sabrina Denson Jones
4:00 - 4:05 P


Refill Your Whiskey
4:05 - 4:20 P

Industry Spotlight - Shopify Plus

Rachel Clark
4:20 - 4:35 P

Industry Spotlight - ShipperHQ

Quentin Montalto
4:35 - 4:50 P

Industry Spotlight - Magento

Pat Toothaker
4:50 - 5:35 P

Merchant Panel

Tim Murphy, Lorne Streiff, Greta Brooks


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